Advisory Board

Stakeholders such as decision makers, policy makers, and experts in for example public health systems, eHealth, and implementation science, will play an important role in the various phases of the project. The external Advisory Board will be formed on the basis of a stakeholder analysis identifying all relevant stakeholders on national and international levels, linked to the project partners and independent alike.

ImpleMentAll has chosen to have one Advisory Board comprising all stakeholders to avoid a silo situation. This way, the different stakeholder groups can interact and develop advice together. If needed and relevant, working groups focusing on specific topics will be created.

The Advisory Board will provide expert input to the consortium where relevant and necessary. Throughout the project, various consultations and knowledge transfer meetings with the Advisory Board will be organised both online and face-to-face, e.g. during consortium meetings. Structured questioning and answering methods will be developed such as expert reviews, participant observers, and knowledge seminars. Members of the board will be informed about the characteristics, features, goals, and expectations of the ImpleMentAll implementation activities and advice and feedback will be collected.

The Advisory Board is managed through WP6, by WP Leader Mette Maria Skjøth.

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