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We build too many walls and not enough bridges

Mon. 09. Apr 2018 13:20

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges". These words by Isaac Newton formed the opening of the seminar titled “Breaking walls, building bridges”, which presented the IMA project and provided a much needed insight on mental healthcare in Central and Eastern Europe - an area of the world that has largely been overlooked in global mental health, despite the scarcity of resources in the region. 

The seminar, featuring distinguished experts, incl. the Deputy Minister of Health in Albania and consortium members London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Mental Health Centre in Prizren, and the EAAD, was hosted by the Centre for Global Mental Health and is now available as a webinar ( http://www.mhinnovation.net/breaking-walls-building-bridges-mental-health-reforms-central-and-eastern-europe). 

In short, the seminar covered a highly interesting discussion of mental healthcare in Albania and Kosovo from both historic and current perspectives and the presentation of IMA as an international cooperation contributing to the improvement of mental health in the two countries. IMA is described as a chance for these countries to develop and implement much needed services for mental health. 

With its thorough and relevant focus on these topics, the webinar is a must-see for anyone interested in the improvement of mental health care in any setting, including Low and Middle Income Countries, the use of technology for this purpose, and the contribution that implementation science can make to this field.

A few quotes from partners behind the webinar:

European Alliance Against Depression: "Working in an international team within ImpleMentAll gives us the unique opportunity to look into implementation strategies in different countries and health care settings. We are looking forward to learn from these differences.”

Naim Fanaj, Mental Health Center, Prizren, Kosovo: "IMA is building bridges and developing mental healthcare in Kosovo in light of implementing new advanced services - iCBT" 

To IMA, building bridges between research and routine care is everything, as we want to help useful clinical innovations reach the citizens and patients who need them. If you have any  eHealth or eMental health implementation issues that you'd like to discuss with the speakers from the webinar, just post a comment below and we'll make sure that it reaches them. 

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