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CM3: Tearing down barriers between theory and practice in Berlin

Wed. 13. Dec 2017 13:54

Berlin, complete with seasonal temperatures and decorations, set the scene for the third Consortium Meeting of the ImpleMentAll project on 11-12 December 2017.

The main topic for this meeting was the study protocol produced by WP1 and how to bring it from the screen to real life - and, not least, what this will mean for the implementation sites across 9 countries.

The discussions were mainly centred around the aspects of implementation and the project’s research approach and goals, including the ItFits-toolkit, the stepped wedge design of the study, and the practical tasks needed to be done before the start of the trial in the first half of 2018.

The partners also discussed the nature of IAU (Implementation As Usual), the state of the trial sites preceding the introduction of the ItFits-toolkit, which is to be compared to the implementation with the ItFits-toolkit in action.

A short report was given from the first meeting of external Advisory Board and it was specified how to reach the Board for expert advice on any questions that might arise in the Consortium during the project. Read more about the Advisory Board here.

The upcoming dissemination and communication efforts were detailed and it became clear that both areas will see a good amount of activity in the coming months. During updates from the individual trial sites, dissemination and communication were also mentioned as important measures in the ongoing implementation processes.

All in all, the meeting was a great leap forward towards the start of the trial and served to clear up a number of uncertainties on both the research and practical sides of the project, so that all partners now have a clear path ahead of them as the project goes into its second year.

The time and place for the next Consortium Meeting were set at 16-17 May 2018 in Badalona, Catalonia.

A few shots from the meeting:



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