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AcademyHealth, 2020 Annual Research Meeting

Sat. 13. Jun 2020 - Tue. 16. Jun 2020

AcademyHealth canceled the in-person Annual Research Meeting and all adjunct events, previously scheduled for June 13-16 in Boston, and is pivoting to a virtual event later in the summer. The ARM is our biggest and most popular meeting of the year, and we know it offers important – and often irreplaceable – professional and networking opportunities for our community. As we face this global pandemic, now – more than ever – is the time for us to work together. In lieu of the 2020 in-person ARM, we are exploring new, virtual opportunities for the field to connect, present research, and engage in discussions about the impact of health services research on health policy and practice. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, please see this list of FAQs, which our team is updating regularly.   The AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting (ARM) is the gathering place for more than 3,000 individuals leading the charge to transform delivery systems and health care in a rapidly changing landscape. As the premier forum for health services research (HSR), the ARM convenes the foremost experts at the intersection of health, health care, and policy to share important findings and showcase the latest research on how the health system works, what it costs, and how to improve it. The largest meeting of its kind, the ARM is packed with new research, cutting edge methods, and robust discussions of HSR’s impact on health policy and practice. The meeting features compelling sessions, panels on critical and emerging issues in health services research, and presentations of high quality peer-reviewed research. Over the course of this three-day conference, attendees work together to share and strengthen the evidence needed to inform the decisions that affect the health of individuals and communities. Find more information here.

HTAi Annual Meeting

Sat. 20. Jun 2020 - Wed. 24. Jun 2020

The decision of the Board of Directors to no longer hold the Annual Meeting 2020 in Beijing, China has been difficult to arrive at, but essential. HTAi, Fudan University, China National Health Development Research Centre (CNHDRC), and the 2020 International Scientific Program Committee remain committed to the goal of expanding our ability to mobilize and strengthen the global HTA community. In support of this goal, we continue our efforts to develop future international meeting opportunities in China. In the meantime, HTAi is investigating opportunities to make digital content available to our valued members. These include previously accepted HTAi 2020 Annual Meeting program materials which are recognized as outstanding for their quality and thought leadership.   Attaining, Maintaining, and Sustaining Healthcare Systems in a Changing World: The Role of HTA The HTAi 2020 Annual Meeting will focus on the roles that Health Technology Assessment (HTA) can play in improving patient-relevant outcomes while sustaining healthcare systems. Attaining universal health coverage (UHC) is a pressing issue for many countries, particularly those with lower and middle incomes. HTA is a recognized tool for priority setting, making evidence-based resource allocation decisions, and developing benefits packages to help achieve UHC. We also know that in these healthcare systems and in countries that have achieved UHC, HTA plays an ongoing role in progressing UHC and the sustainability of the healthcare systems. However, current developments are challenging and changing treatment and epidemiological paradigms. Prominent examples include ‘disruptive’ technologies, such as cell and gene therapy, and the incoming data tide, including increased utilization of existing real-time data sources (like wearables), and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data architecture.  The consequences for HTA and the need to adapt is apparent, and must be faced globally to ensure the continued sustainability of healthcare systems in 2020 and beyond. HTAi invites you to join the leading minds in HTA to discuss and debate the role of HTA in attaining, maintaining, and sustaining healthcare systems in a changing world. Find more information here.

WPA World Congress

Wed. 14. Oct 2020 - Sat. 17. Oct 2020

This Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, 14-17 October 2020 not only marks the 20th Anniversary of the first World Congress held in 1950, it also celebrates the evolution and growth of the WPA over the last 70 years.  As a triennial Congress, the meeting will include the WPA General Assembly at which elections for WPA officers will take place. We are particularly excited to be hosting such a significant event in Asia.  The diversity of the region encourages diversity in the program, with opportunities to explore how we work in scarce resource versus high income settings, and how we can share best practice across settings of all kinds across the world.  We will review the 2017-2020 Action Plan and delve into its themes of collaboration, reaching those living with adversity, and the rich and varying ways in which the role of psychiatrist can be legitimately expressed.  We will investigate how the time-honoured approaches and the newest techniques in psychiatry – including those in psychotherapies, neuromodulation, pharmacology, digital technologies and social therapies – can be used practically to support people affected by mental ill-health, their families and friends and community groups. These groups will join researchers and mental health professionals to consider advocacy, planning and policymaking across sectors to promote the advancement of psychiatry and mental health in all countries. Bustling Bangkok couldn’t provide a better backdrop for this milestone event.  A city of contrasts, diversity abounds, from humble street stalls to luxury malls, from historic tuk-tuks to the modern Skytrain, and from sacred temples to its vibrant nightlife – Bangkok is the most visited city in the world for good reason.  Join colleagues and thought leaders from across the globe for learning, sharing and networking. We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok in 2020!

1st Conference of the Swiss Implementation Network (IMPACT)

Thu. 21. Jan 2021 - Fri. 22. Jan 2021

The 1st IMPACT conference consists of two parts:  In the late afternoon of January 21, we will celebrate the official start of the Swiss Implementation Science Network with a keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Michel Wensing, chief editor of the journal ‘Implementation Science’ (University of Heidelberg, Germany).  On January 22, we organize an Implementation Science Masterclass with contributions from international implementation science experts, Dr. Cynthia Vinson (National Cancer Institute, USA), Prof. Dr. Leah Zullig (Duke University, USA), Prof. Dr. Byron Powell (Washington University, St. Louis, USA) and Prof. Dr. Michel Wensing. The Masterclass provides a mix of theoretical lectures, practical examples of Swiss implementation science projects and roundtable discussions.    In Switzerland, this is an exciting time of growth in our national understanding and focus on implementation science. As evidence of this growing emphasis on implementation science, a number of implementation science projects are now funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation in the NFP74 research program and other competitive funding agencies. It is time to further strengthen and develop the capacity for implementation science in Switzerland.  
The goals of the Swiss Implementation Science Network (IMPACT) launched in December 2019 are to:    (1)  Showcase implementation science projects in health care conducted by Swiss health care researchers and institutions;  (2)  Provide networking opportunities for implementation science researchers and other interested stakeholders in Switzerland;  (3)  Provide training opportunities for implementation science; and  (4)  Leverage funding options for implementation science in Switzerland.   Learn more here.

5th World Congress on Psychiatry & Mental health Nursing

Mon. 08. Mar 2021 - Tue. 09. Mar 2021

About Conference: With the grand success of Psychiatric Nursing 2019 Conference, our committee would be glad to welcome you all to gather at the Psychiatric and nursing experts meet of “5th World Congress on Psychiatry & Mental health Nursing” which is to be held during March 8-9, 2021 in London, Uk. This includes proficient keynote presentations, verbal speeches, productive poster presentations, Symposiums, and exhibitions. Psychiatric Nursing 2020 highlights the theme “Traversing the latest evolution in mental health.”. The main aim of this conference is to bring all the psychiatric professionals together and to explore the advancements, approaches that are evolving and confronting in the treatment of behavioral and mental disorders. Psychiatric Nursing Congress invites all the Nurses, Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Emergency medicine specialists, International speakers, Scientists, Researchers, University Professors, Students, College Faculties and Healthcare professionals to share their experience in this broad field. You must be the change you want to see in the world;
 Together let’s find the stigma of Mental Disorders!
 Will you join us? What's New?? Psychiatric Nursing 2020 includes international attendee workshops, lectures and symposia, including a designated registration area, a refreshment break and delightful lunch.  Interested participants can join the PULSUS Group as an international member to receive discounts on registration. So come and join leading experts and allied professionals from June 10-11, 2020 in London to keep up with the rapidly accelerating pace of change that is already having an impact on the field of Psychology and Psychiatry, and will continue to in the future.

Former events

Conference on Advancing Implementation and Quality Improvement

Fri. 04. May 2018

The Conference on Advancing Implementation and Quality Improvement Science for Children’s Health Care (APA QI) is held each year the day before the Pediatric Academic Societies’ (PAS) meeting. In 2018, the conference will focus on methodological and technical issues of major importance for those performing Implementation Science and Quality Improvement (QI) research related to pediatric health care. This conference aims to engage clinicians, physicians, hospitalists, nurses, nurse practitioners, epidemiologists, educators, public health practitioners, researchers, administrators, active pediatric investigators involved in implementation science and quality improvement research, and quality improvement professionals who are seeking to develop additional expertise in implementation science and quality improvement research methods to improve health care and outcomes for children – infants through adolescents. Sessions will include topics, such as: Interrupted Time Series Design Statistical Process Control – Introduction and Advanced Survey of QI Research Methods Bridging Classical Statistics and QI Research Assessing the Impact of System Interventions and Other Innovations on Disparities Mixed Methods Evaluation in Implementation Science and QI Research Fundamentals of QI Evaluation Context in Implementation Science and QI Research Getting Published Works in Progress Best Abstracts Abstract submissions will be accepted through January 15, 2018. Abstracts should pertain to implementation and QI research, and their roles in creating value and reducing disparities in pediatric care. Read more about the conference here.

HTAi Annual Meeting

Fri. 01. Jun 2018 - Tue. 05. Jun 2018

Strengthening the Evidence-to-Action Connection With terms such as “fake news”, “alternative facts”, and “post-truth” now in common parlance, it is more important than ever that researchers, policymakers, health care practitioners, technology developers, patients, and the public affirm their commitment to action based on evidence and collaborative approaches that will strengthen the evidence-to-action connection. The HTAi 2018 Annual meeting will provide an unparalleled opportunity to consider, debate and clarify the role of health technology assessment (HTA) in the health care ecosystem.   With three plenary sessions that all support the conference’s overarching theme of Strengthening the Evidence-to-Action Connection, the HTAi 2018 Annual Meeting will be a must-attend event for those in the global HTA community to consider and debate: how HTA needs to change its approach to generating, synthesizing and presenting evidence in order to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world; what is required to enable the implementation of evidence into evidence-informed policies and practices, and what can be done to strengthen and accelerate the evidence-to-action connection. As the leading global discussion platform for all stakeholders engaged in the efficient production and use of HTAs in decision-making, HTAi supports and promotes the development, communication, understanding and use of HTA around the world as a scientifically-based and interdisciplinary means of informing decision making on the use of effective technologies and the efficient use of resources in health care. HTAi welcomes all stakeholders – patients/consumers, health care providers, academic researchers, HTA agencies, payers, policy makers, industry – to join us.

DGPPN Congress 2018

Wed. 28. Nov 2018 - Sat. 01. Dec 2018

In the heart of science and patient care From anxiety disorders to obsessive-compulsive disorder: The top-class scientific and further education programme of the DGPPN Congress 2018 offers a comprehensive overview of current and future developments in the field of mental health – with practical insights for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to its broad range of topics, renowned experts and excellent continuing education opportunities, the DGPPN Congress has established itself as a central forum for the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy. In just four days participants can obtain a comprehensive overview of current developments in psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics. The congress programme will cover all relevant mental illnesses and will put a lot of emphasis on biological and psychotherapeutic topics and topics of social psychiatry. At the same time, health political, societal and cultural issues will also be an important focus. National and international renowned keynote speakers will address fascinating topics in plenary presentations and lectures. Key topics of the congress The future of care: patient oriented, integrated and interconnected Science and research: new approaches in prevention, diagnostics and treatment Mentally ill refugees: culturally sensitive psychosocial interventions and therapies E-mental health: Chances and risks for patients Understand and support: new impulses in psychotherapy and the value of the relationship

Implementation Science Conference - 3rd edition

Fri. 08. Feb 2019

How do you implement an intervention in all primary schools in a country successfully? What actions do you undertake to implement guidelines effectively? How do you ensure that a particular change leads to the desired result? It doesn´t matter in what kind of branch you work in or what kind of work you do we have to deal with the changes that come from implementation on a daily basis. Carefully studying the implementation, execution, monitoring and safeguarding of changes has been proven to be of a major influence on the
effectiveness of changes in policies. Anyone working in public administration knows that creating an effective intervention is not enough to achieve something in real life. The intervention should also be effectively implemented and that is often quite a task and not as straightforward as one would
think. It is helpful to learn from colleagues and implementation researchers about their experiences with regard to effective implementation. This is why the Dutch Implementation Collective (NIC), the Trimbos Institute for Mental Health and Addiction and the Amsterdam UMC will organise another
edition of the Implementation Conference on Friday 8 February 2019 in Utrecht. Call for workshops
We invite you to submit workshop proposals to be held during the 3rd Implementation Science
Conference on 8 February 2019. Please check the Conference website for more information. Target audience
Researchers and practicioners within the field of public policy, behavioural science, the
medical field and those specifically interested in implementation science. Fees and Registration
Registration is open, see the website below.
€ 135,- (standard)
€ 35,- (students & PHD students) Contact
For questions about registration please contact academie@trimbos.nl.
For questions about the Conference itself and its content, please contact implementationsymposium@vumc.nl  https://www.implementationscienceconference.eu/  Location
The conference will be held at Zaalverhuur 7, located in a 19th century church in the centre
of Utrecht.
Zaalverhuur 7
3512 BT Utrecht
The Netherlands

EPA: The 27th European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA 2019)

Sat. 06. Apr 2019 - Tue. 09. Apr 2019

The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) was founded in 1983. With active individual members in as many as 88 countries and 40 National Society/Association Members who represent over 78000 European psychiatrists, the EPA is the main association representing psychiatry in Europe. Its mission is to improve psychiatry and mental health care in Europe. EPA members include leading experts in numerous fields. EPA's activities address the interests of psychiatrists in academia, research and practice throughout all stages of career development. Together, EPA members contribute to the life of the association and to the development of psychiatry in Europe. Each member has the possibility to actively contribute to ongoing projects and play a key role in shaping the future of the Association and its policies. EPA accomplishes its mission through the following activities Annual European Congress of Psychiatry European Psychiatry journal EPA Courses, Summer School, Faculty Workshop and other forms of training (EPA Academia for Excellence in European Psychiatry) Early Career Psychiatrists Committee and Programme Research Prizes and Scholarship Programme 21 Scientific Sections Cooperation with National Psychiatric Associations through EPA membership Guidance papers and position statements on related topics of interest Initiatives on improving ethical standards of psychiatric care and practice Collaborative activities in partnership with international organisations working in the field of psychiatry and mental health care. EPA Members benefit from a reduced registration fee at the Congress.   https://epa-congress.org/2019#.XEWEn1VKios 

HIMSS Europe 2019

Tue. 11. Jun 2019 - Thu. 13. Jun 2019

HIMSS AND HEALTH 2.0 TAKE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL DIGITAL HEALTH CONFERENCE TO FINLAND   Following a successful collocated event in Sitges in May 2018, HIMSS and Health 2.0 continue to strengthen their ties and choose one of the most innovative countries worldwide to host the 2019 conference The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference will be held on 11-13 June 2019 in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The conference will bring the best of both worlds: HIMSS’ knowledge, expertise and thought leadership in healthcare digitisation and Health 2.0’s network of entrepreneurs and investors, showcasing the latest cutting edge and innovative health tech solutions. Over the course of the three days, the conference will focus on five overarching topics: Integrating health and social care Enabling homecare for healing and ageing in place Promoting a secure, ethical and actionable flow of data for prevention, population health management, personalized health and research Beyond the AI buzz: what can AI deliver today and are we really ready Opportunities and challenges of opening innovation The three-day event is supported and organised in conjunction with a number of Finnish organisations, including: The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, SITRA (The Finnish Innovation Fund), Business Finland, The City of Helsinki, The University of Helsinki, The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), Oulu Health, Turku Science Park and Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre.  The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference will provide a unique opportunity to connect the players in the field of health and care. Networking and bringing like-minded professionals together is one of the main objectives of the conference.  The conference is expected to gather thousands of professionals in the healthcare sector and the digital health start-up ecosystem. The event will feature world-class speakers who will address the hottest topics in digital health today. The event will also be a platform which will offer guidance and a roadmap based on future trends, with the common goal of improving healthcare through information and technology together. https://www.himsseuropeconference.eu/helsinki/2019/info 

HTAi Annual Meeting

Sat. 15. Jun 2019 - Wed. 19. Jun 2019

HTA beyond 2020: Ready for the New Decade? One year ahead of the end of a number of prominent HTA strategies and projects, the course will (and has to) be set for future development of HTA worldwide in 2020 and beyond. Thus, the preliminary results will fuel the debate about the future of HTA. Besides many important strategies and projects dealing with HTA there are some prominent ones like, HTAi’s own strategy paper, accompanied by Horizon 2020, the main research program of the EU Commission, and the EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 project, the proposal of the EU-Commission for a regulation on HTA in Europe after 2020. Moreover, other key scientific programs like IC-Permed, the international consortium for personalized medicine, will be more important than ever. The discussion about subsequent strategies, projects, developments and changes as a result of these projects will be starting in 2019. Therefore, the HTAi Annual Meeting provides an ideal presentation and discussion platform for opportunities, emerging challenges and possible threats. Trends for harmonization and standardization are confronted by progressive digitalization, disruptive innovations, and the questioning of established evidence requirements. The European proposal for “HTA after 2020” might stand exemplarily for the important international strategic efforts to strengthen HTA for the new decade. Furthermore, globalization takes place and HTA becomes much more important for emerging markets. 2019 is the perfect time to tie this “varicolored bouquet” of important HTA developments together, looking into the future and asking: HTA beyond 2020: Ready for a New Decade? https://www.htai2019.org/ 

4th World Congress on Psychiatry & Mental health Nursing

Mon. 17. Jun 2019 - Tue. 18. Jun 2019

Pulsus Group invites participants from all over the globe to attend “4th World Congress on Psychiatry & Mental Health Nursing” scheduled during June 17-18, 2019 at Rome, Italy. This includes proficient keynote presentations, verbal speeches, productive poster presentations, Symposiums, and exhibitions. Psychiatric Nursing 2019 highlights the theme “Exploring the Psychological state & its Well-being”. The main aim of the conference is to gather every professional and to focus on the regional issues related to the field of Psychiatry, Mental Health, and Nursing. Psychiatric Nursing 2019 invites all the Nurses, Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Emergency medicine specialists, International speakers, Scientists, Researchers, University Professors, Students, College Faculties and Healthcare professionals to share their experience in this broad field. Psychiatric Nursing is an event planned to provide an great platform for new researchers, scholars, doctors, nurses, directors, physicians, students and educators to showcase their novel ideas and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and key concerns adopted in the field of psychological nursing and health care. The two days of the educational program will include keynote presentations, oral presentations, Workshops, Special Session and poster presenters on the advanced techniques as well as papers in all the fields of psychological nursing and health care. Psychiatric Nursing 2019 Conference aims to explore advances in nursing practice, management and education in relation to health disparities as well as a breadth of other topics. Psychiatric Nursing Congress 2019 will provide an opportunity for the psychiatrist, nursing practitioners, registered nurses, doctor, therapist and educators to exchange research evidence, models of best practice and innovative ideas. It is a platform for Psychological nursing students, faculty, deans, researchers, and leaders to collaborate on topics affecting mental health disorders and treatments. Read more here.

19th WPA World Congress of Psychiatry

Wed. 21. Aug 2019 - Sat. 24. Aug 2019

Psychiatry and mental health narratives have changed extensively over the last centuries. Today, treatment and recovery of mental disorders go hand in hand with promotion and prevention and there is an increased interest in rehabilitation and psycho-social interventions. Yet this was not always the case – these fields of research and intervention have had intricate connections either running in parallel or in confluence but also sometimes in conflict. Bound in the history of Psychiatry is a search for an identity which has been complex and ultimately was reached by a compromise between empirical and non-empirical vectors coming from neurobiological, psychological and social inputs. Today these have informed public health policies which all aim at the same goal – reaching the highest possible mental wellbeing. Please join us in Lisbon, Portugal, 21-24 August 2019 to examine and discuss all these crucial issues in psychiatry and mental health, listening to numerous keynote lectures that convoy our present scientific and technological revolution. Certainly, you will profit from up-to-date research data, the best lectures from experts in all fields, a high quality scientific content, interaction between professionals, users and carers, and relevant peer-to-peer networking. Furthermore, whether your contribution is in the field of psychopathology, biologic psychiatry, pharmacotherapy, psychiatric training, psychotherapy, social psychiatry, rehabilitation, prevention or services organization it will surely be vital to further our knowledge. Lisbon is considered among the most beautiful cities in Europe surprising all newcomers and affectionately saluting frequent visitors. You have the chance to enjoy Portugal which has been consistently, over the last years, an award-winning travel destination for its amazing historical patrimony, it’s culture, natural wonders and the warm-welcoming Portuguese people. In our Congress you will find a kind-hearted reception, informed scientific discussions, great networking prospects and enjoyable cultural and gastronomical events. We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon in the summer of 2019.   Read more about the congress here.

33rd Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society

Tue. 03. Sep 2019 - Sat. 07. Sep 2019

Welcome to EHPS 2019 The Croatian Psychological Association is honoured and delighted to host the 2019 annual conference of the European Health Psychology Society from the 3rd – 7th of September 2019. The 2019 conference is the 33rd EHPS annual conference. The conference theme is Individuals and Professionals: Cooperation to Health. The Croatian Psychological Association, established in 1953, is the major professional organisation of Croatian psychologists. Health psychologists in Croatia are very well represented in the Croatian Psychological Association, and its Division of Health Psychology (since 1992). Health psychology in Croatia is present in the higher education system (since 1986) – at graduate and postgraduate psychology programmes and applied health sciences programmes, in research, and to a growing extent in practice. The Organising Committee looks forward to welcoming you in Dubrovnik, the priceless jewel of the Croatian Adriatic coast and the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of Europe’s most fashionable and popular tourist destinations, at the largest conference venue in Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik. We shall do our best to enable the professional and scientific exchange, and meeting colleagues from different environments and countries, at the 33rd EHPS annual conference in 2019! Read more about the conference here.   Josip Lopižić The Organising Committee Chair

DGPPN Congress 2019

Wed. 27. Nov 2019 - Sat. 30. Nov 2019

Innovative research for person-centred psychiatry and psychotherapy We are currently seeing an immense increase in knowledge about the development, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. This progress is putting new demands on professionals, service users and family carers to integrate this knowledge into diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and attitudes. The associated challenges are specific to psychiatry because no other medical discipline deals so comprehensively and holistically with the affected person and is thereby subject to such strong societal, political and social currents. Vigorous research into mental illness, a widespread disease of the 21st century, is key today and will continue to be so in the coming years.
  Where does psychiatry research stand today and how close are we to achieving individualised treatments? What new endpoints can be driving forces for new psychosocial and drug treatments? How can we succeed in strengthening the clinician scientist so that new procedures from the field of basic research are translated as quickly as possible from the laboratory to psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care? What are the opportunities and risks of new, digital options for diagnostics and treatment? The DGPPN Congress 2019 will address these future-oriented issues under the guiding theme “Innovative research for person-centred psychiatry and psychotherapy”. Placing a clear focus on the patient means that, to meet the specific needs of people with mental illness, we have to systematically involve both patients and family carers in research. To further improve our understanding of service users’ needs in the future, we must realise the full potential of established and newer disciplines, such as the social neurosciences and psychotherapy research, and combine them into integrative models. These and other hot topics from psychiatry and psychotherapy will be discussed and closely examined by specialists, service users and family carers at the DGPPN Congress in Berlin at the end of November. You can look forward to a scientific programme in a class of its own, with national and international researchers, experts from the health care sector and renowned figures from politics and society. We look forward to welcoming you to the DGPPN Congress 2019. With best regards, Andreas Heinz
President of the DGPPN Read more about the congress here.

NIHR MindTech MedTech Co-operative National Symposium 2019: New

Thu. 05. Dec 2019

Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Place, Regents Park, London NW1 4LE Call for posters now open! (see below for further details) The MindTech symposium 2019 brings together leaders in clinical practice, patient experience, academic research, industry and technology development to address the key challenges in building a stronger evidence-base to support implementation of new technologies in mental healthcare. 

Speakers confirmed include: Professor Heleen Riper, Professor eMental-Health/Clinical Psychology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam Professor Trish Greenhalgh OBE, Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford Professor David Ebert, President of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions Dr Victoria Betton, Director, mHabitat Professor Steve Pilling, Professor of Clinical Psychology & Clinical Effectiveness Jaime Smith, Programme Director Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools, Anna Freud Centre Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer, Ieso Digital Health Topics to be covered: New Frontiers – digital intervention MindTech Debate ‘This house believes that the NICE recommendation for digital CBT for children and young people with depression is not deliverable’ Implementation of technology in a complex system How do we move from research to widespread adoption? New Horizons: Closing the Loop – Using data and machine learning to personalise treatment and care   Find out more.

HIMSS 2020

Mon. 09. Mar 2020 - Fri. 13. Mar 2020

About HIMSS 2020 The 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, March 9–13, 2020 in Orlando, is the can’t-miss health information and technology event of the year, where professionals throughout the global health ecosystem connect for the education, innovation and collaboration they need to reimagine health and wellness for everyone, everywhere. In a time of unprecedented healthcare disruption, HIMSS20 calls health information and technology professionals around the world to one essential, simple, bold action: Be the change. Educational Programming World-class educational programming includes 300+ highly-vetted sessions from industry leaders, renowned keynote addresses and specialty, niche programs to meet distinct needs. 17 Topic Categories Optional Preconference Events Specialty Education Investment and Entrepreneur Activities CE Credits Specialty Exhibit Areas Consumerism/Patient Engagement Pavilion NEW! Cybersecurity Command Center Debut Square Developer Innovation Lab Federal Health IT Solutions Pavilion Global Pavilion Healthbox Healthcare of the Future HIMSS Analytics HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ Innovation Live Intelligent Health™ Pavilion Lightning Sessions University Row Value of HealthcareNEW! Registration HIMSS20 registration is now open. Dates March 9–13, 2020 Location Orange County Convention Center, West Building | Orlando, FL About HIMSS HIMSS is a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of the health ecosystem through information and technology. Learn more.

EPA: The 28th Congress of the European Psychiatric Association

Sat. 28. Mar 2020 - Tue. 31. Mar 2020

Welcome message   Dear Colleagues, The 28th European Congress of Psychiatry, organised by the largest international association of psychiatrists in Europe, will take place on 28-31 March 2020 in Madrid, Spain. The city’s rich past has produced some of Europe’s most awe-inspiring artwork, architecture, and landmarks, alongside a far-reaching cultural contribution to language, music, and cuisine. Madrid is among many European capitals that all boast an impressive artistic and historic heritage, and this collective European legacy extends well into the realm of science, where common approaches and shared objectives have led us to great and rapid progress. To celebrate our remarkable scientific legacies, the 2020 congress will take place under the motto “The Shared Heritage of European Psychiatry”. Indeed, we have a fantastic heritage in psychiatry, thanks not only to eminent clinicians and patients involved in research but also to the combined knowledge we gain from social-, neuro- and computer sciences. Attending the EPA congress means sharing our experiences and knowledge to uncover new insights on the complex disorders we treat, exchange practical techniques and guidance for everyday clinical challenges, and reinforce our commitment to our patients and their carers. Psychiatry’s continuing evolution, involving the organisation of better mental health services, the development of innovative models of care, and the discovery of new research paradigms, drives us to share the latest discoveries for the benefit of all. Many challenges still exist, but by drawing on the successes from the past and moving forward with new knowledge together, we can help shape a better future for professionals and patients alike. We feel confident that the EPA 2020 Madrid will serve as a place of learning where we can all share the latest models, approaches, and research, continuing with all the best traditions of the European Psychiatric Association and representing for all participants a treasured personal and professional experience. Find more information here.

ICIC20 – 20th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC)

Mon. 27. Apr 2020 - Wed. 29. Apr 2020

We are very pleased that the 20th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC20) will take place in Amadria Park Convention Centre, Šibenik, Croatia from 27-29 April 2020. The conference is a partnership with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb, Health Center Zagreb – Centar, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, University of Zagreb, Libertas International University and the Catholic University of Croatia . The conference attracts 1000 researchers, clinicians and managers from over 60 countries, who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care. The conference will build on themes from previous years and would like to include in this year’s programme papers that are focusing on the following areas: Meeting the challenges of integrated care in early development, childhood and transitional care in adolescents Integrated community care approaches for better management of diseases with a stigmatizing effect, including for example mental health and addiction issues Better managing the care of vulnerable populations including for example war veterans, and preventing isolation and loneliness Integrating survivorship, caring for carers, palliative and end-of-life care Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital tools in the people-centred integrated care You can view the full conference tracks here.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 733025.
This content reflects only the author's view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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