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Partner description

ZYRA PER SHENDET MENDOR (Mental Health Center) in Prizren is organisationally part of the Hospital and University Clinical Service of Kosovo. The Mental Health Services in Prizren operate the following units: Mental Health Center Based in Community, Integration House, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The multidisciplinary team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychosocial counsellors, social workers, and nurses.

The Mental Health Center based in the community in Prizren provides services and activities such as psychiatric visits, psychologist visits, home visits, day staying in centre, individual therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy, family therapy, psychotherapy, counselling, and social support. The profile of patients is patients with psychotic disorders, depression, anxiety, etc. Approximately 500 clients monthly are in the care of the centre.

Service description

In the project, MHCPriz will execute and evaluate the implementation intervention in Kosovo and will contribute to the research process and the project communication and dissemination activities. Main tasks are:

  • Service implementation capacity
  • Clinical expertise
  • Data collection and contribution to the research process
  • Local/regional/national communication and dissemination

Clinical psychologists and psychiatrists currently placed in the services are not trained to satisfactory standards to provide CBT and lack standardised manuals or procedures for carrying out CBT. Nevertheless, they are the only professionals who are currently placed within the existing services to provide psychotherapy for common mental health disorders and are very eager to establish new ways of working. The main objective of implementing iCBT interventions in Kosovo would be to make CBT for depression widely available and accessible to patients who cannot access it. This intervention should have an impact on overmedication, which is currently an issue in MH provisions in Kosovo. The iCBT could reduce the number of face-to-face sessions needed and consequently treatment costs. Considering that therapy services are mainly accessible to urban areas, iCBT has also the potential to close the disparity gap on service provisions between urban and rural areas. The solution that will be implemented is based on the following characteristics:

The professional clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who currently provide talking therapies in CMHCs will receive training on delivering iCBT as well as have ongoing support through an awareness website, www.ifightdepression.com.
The same website (portal) will be accessible to carers for support.
A guided self-management tool for adolescents and adults with depression (based on cognitive
behavioural therapy, CBT; www.tool.ifightdepression.com) will also be incorporated in the services.

The iCBT solution will be embedded as part of the usual treatment for depression in CMHCs in Kosovo. Four major centres of Community mental health will be involved in the study. They are situated in the biggest towns of Kosovo and are spread out geographically covering most of Kosovo. These centres are in Prishtine, Prizren, Mitrovice, and Gjilan. Each of these centres has 1 psychiatrist and 1-2 psychologists and cover a population of 542,000 inhabitants. The centre leads have been contacted and have expressed their interest and commitment to participate in the study.


All employees

Besnik Loshaj
Position: Financial assistant
Email: Besnik_loshaj@hotmail.com
Faculty of Economy. Many years of work as administrative/financial officer in Mental Health Centre Prizren.
Naim Fanaj
Position: Principal Investigator and coordination/support implementation
Email: naimfanaj@gmail.com

MD, Psychiatrist and Director of the Mental Health Centre in Prizren. Also doctor of science in Psychology. Presented research at several internationally psychiatric congresses: EPA (Vienna, Munich, Nice, Prague), IACAPAP (Paris), ESCAP (Budapest,Helsinki, Dublin). Published several papers in journals. The first expertise in the implementation of e-Health is the ImpleMentAll project.

Sevim Mustafa
Position: Project assistant/Research Worker
Email: sevimmustafa2@gmail.com

Clinical psychologist. PhD student of Gifted and Talented program. Presented researches at several internationally conferences and congresses. Published one paper as first author in journals. The first expertise in the implementation of e-Health is ImpleMentAll Project.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 733025.
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