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GAMIAN-Europe (Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe), is a patient-driven pan-European organisation, representing the interests of persons affected by mental illness and advocating for their rights. Its main objectives are: advocacy, information and education, anti-stigma and discrimination, patients’ rights, co-operation, partnerships and capacity building.

GAMIAN-Europe was established in 1998 as a representative coalition of patient organisations. Putting the patient at the centre of all issues of the EU healthcare debate, the organisation aims to bring together and support the development and policy influencing capacity of local, regional and national organisations active in the field of mental health. Patients can and should play an effective and complementary role in developing positive and proactive policies and other initiatives with an impact on mental health issues. GAMIAN-Europe, as an informed and effective advocate, is seeking to become a powerful and trusted point of reference for the main EU institutions and other organisations and stakeholders seeking the views of patients.

The goals of GAMIAN-Europe are:

  • To improve the availability, accessibility, and quality of treatment for all psychiatric disorders,
  • To improve the provision, reliability and quality of information on mental illnesses for patients, relatives and carers,
  • To reduce stigma, prejudice, ignorance and misinformation surrounding mental illness,
  • To promote collaboration within the mental health field amongst those working in research, education and training at national and pan European levels who support the aims and objectives of GAMIAN-Europe,
  • To assist in improving the training, education and understanding of health professionals and other personnel responsible for the delivery of mental health services in Europe,
  • To improve awareness, knowledge and understanding of the public, the politicians and the press with regard to mental disorders,
  • To promote a positive message that mental illness can be treated effectively by a variety of means,
  • To promote collaboration within the mental health field amongst those working in research, education and training at national and pan European levels who support the aims and objectives of GAMIAN-Europe,
  • To assist in the creation, growth and development, where appropriate, of patient groups in all European States focusing on mental health.


All employees

Erik Van der Eycken
Position: EU Research Projects Officer
Email: eu.research@gamian.eu

As a patients' expert, Erik is actively involved in many activities in the field of mental health care and research. He is Member of the Board of Directors of a Belgian patient organisation for people with bipolar disorder and chronic depression (Ups & Downs vzw). He is also member of steering committees and working groups, related to mental health care in Belgium, e.g. Community Mental Health Care, Training programs for employment of “experts by experience” in mental health care. As staff member of GAMIAN-Europe, Erik is co-responsible for different activities within this organisation (e.g. General Assembly, Regional and Thematic seminars, Annual Conventions, Patient Advisory boards). By means of his frequent contacts with member patient organisations via conferences, seminars and the meetings of the MEP Alliance for mental Health, Erik has gathered the appropriate knowledge and experience to represent the view of patients facing mental health problems. As EU Research Projects Officer, he has been working so far on GAMIAN-Europe’s contributions to the EU research projects MasterMind, E-Compared and MooDFOOD. Erik is a Master in Electro-Mechanical Engineering. In his professsional career before diagnosed with a Mental Health illness, he has been project leader of many research projects in the industry and academic institutes in Europe. He has gained working experience in  European HQ's of international companies. He can now benefit from this international knowledge to deal with different national organisations, i.e. GAMIAN's Europe members, national patients organisations.

Christine Marking
Position: EU Liaison, Dissemination & Communication
Email: Eu.liaison@gamian.eu

Christine is EU liaison officer in GAMIAN-Europe since 2008 and has set up and now coordinates the MEP Allaince for Mental Health (https://www.gamian.eu/activities/mep-alliance-mental-health/) on the organisation's behalf. She is also in charge of GAMIAN-Europe’s policy and strategic outreach with respect to the European Parliament, Council of Ministers and European Commission, and advises the organisation on EU advocacy strategies and activities. As a project team member, she was /is co-responsible for GAMIAN-Europe’s contributions to the successful EU research projects E-Compared, MooDFOOD, and CAPICE. Christine is a clinical psychologist and has worked previously as a psychologist in a nursing home setting in Amsterdam, mainly involved with assessment and treatment aspects of psycho-geriatric patients as well as managing support groups for carers and relatives.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 733025.
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