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Community Centre for Health and Wellbeing (CCHW) is a national centre, focused on activities that increase the community participation to improve the quality of life.  

The aim of the Centre is to improve health and quality of life in the Albanian community through educational interventions, promotional, communicational, counselling, assessment, psychosocial support as well as integration of vulnerable groups.

The objectives of CCHW:

  • To promote healthy lifestyle in the community.
  • To organise health promotion activities in the community.


  1. To increase the active community participation.
  2. To organise informative and educative training relating to different healthy and social issues.
  3. Integration into community of the marginalised groups.
  4. Implementation of interventions that aim to reduce stigma and discrimination against vulnerable groups.
  5. To offer psychological counselling and social support for groups in need.
  6. To offer expertise on research development, program design and assessment.
  7. Publication of informative materials.


The organisation has its office in Tirana. Most of members come from academic careers within Public Health and have long experience in leadership positions in health institutions.


CCHW has a very good partnership with both health governance institutions, such as MoH, Institute of Public Health, Health Insurance Fund, INSTAT, as well as with international agencies in the field of health that operate in Albania, such as UNICEF, UNFPA, GIZ, World Vision and international partners such as the EMCDDA and European Commission.

Members of the organization are members of many European networks in the field of public health, such as ASPHER, EUPHA, IUHPE.


Strategic areas of work of CCHW:

- Community participatory activities

- Training

- Research

- Evaluation/assessment

CCHW staff is highly experienced in using quantitative and qualitative research methods, study design, data collection tools, sampling, training and supervision, and data quality control and analysis.


All employees

Gentiana Qirjako
Position: Principal investigator
Email: gentaqirjako@gmail.com

Gentiana Qirjako is a GP with experience in adolescent mental health, suicide prevention and health promotion. She is currently the Head of Health Promotion Department at the Institute of Public Health in Tirana and also full time lecturer of Health Promotion at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine, Tirana. Gentiana has experience in teaching and dealing with public health organization and problems as well as very long and reach experience in teaching research methods and Health Promotion. Additionally, she has valuable expertise in setting up and managing research teams, leading several projects funded by the WHO, EC, UN Agencies, etc. Recently, Gentiana coordinated a national evaluation of the mental health services in Albania and has built positive relationships both with the central government and local CMHCs.

Andia Meksi
Position: Research assistant
Email: meksiandia@gmail.com

Andia is a clinical psychologist and a CBT therapist under supervision. She has more than 10 years of experience in counseling, psychotherapy and also has been involved as project assistant coordinator in many projects for WHO and other national organizations. She has participated in a series of evaluation studies and research in Mental Health. She is actually working as Mental Health specialist at the Albanian National Institute of Public Health.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 733025.
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