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GGZ inGeest (GiG) - The Netherlands

Partner description

GGZ inGeest (GiG) hosts four research units focusing on: 1) Depression, 2) Anxiety, 3) Bipolarity and 4) Elderly. For these units, a special department for research and innovation has been established, comprising a total of 170 staff members. The department of Research and Innovation at GGZ inGeest has a longstanding expertise involving high-quality research projects in the field of mental health care on all different levels with over 300 publications in international peer reviewed scientific journals per annum.

Our research projects range from fundamental (molecular) to RCT’s on effectiveness of interventions and research on the implementation and cost effectiveness of ‘new’ treatments. Examples of such projects are eHealth interventions in which standard clinical practice is enriched with intervention strategies provided through the internet, such as E-COMPARED, MasterMind, and projects testing innovative therapies such as running therapy, light therapy, and brain stimulation.

The department of research and innovation at GiG hosts a well-organised infrastructure for data collection, data management, and data issuing (specifically trained staff, education, facilities) for large-scale longitudinal and multi-centre studies and clinical trials. The data management group (10 fte) has a high level of experience and expertise, using standardised protocols for building secure web-based data collections and data dissemination infrastructures to support clinical studies. At present, the data management unit supports > 35 different studies, including the large-scale longitudinal Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA).  

Our main role in the project: Trial support and data-management

In order to establish a smooth work process during the evaluation phase, a structure has been implemented where each site has assigned the following core tasks to two or three staff members: data management, quality control, medical ethical approval, and trial coordination. GiG has assumed a coordinating and consulting role in the collection, storage, and management of the data and the translation of the generic protocol to local site-specific protocols. To this purpose, a central trial support team has been employed that includes Josien Schuurmans as overall trial manager and data quality control manager, Adriaan Hoogendoorn as methodological advisor and data-analyst/data manager, and Claire van Genugten as assistant trial manager. Prof Jan H. Smit acts as a methodological advisor in the IMA steering group.

GiG also takes part in ImpleMentAll as one of the 12 trial sites, and as such will execute and evaluate the use of the ItFits-toolkit in the department of depression and anxiety within GiG.

Trial Support Team: Josien Schuurmans, Adriaan Hoogendoorn, and Claire van Genugten

Implementation Core Team: Els Dozeman, Isabella van der Velde, and Anneke van Schaik


Service description

Within the scope of the ImpleMentAll-project, GIG focuses on the implementation of blended treatment within a secondary care setting for severe psychopathology, in our outpatient depression and anxiety department. Over the years, multiple implementation activities were put in place, such as the employment of the MindDistrict platform. In order to further boost the implementation of iCBT within the organisation, GiG founded a new department within the existing infrastructure of the anxiety and depression department in 2016, focused specifically on the delivery of iCBT in a specialised mental healthcare setting; the Mindway clinic. The clinic is staffed with clinicians who share a common enthusiasm for studying new developments in the field, and serves as a testing ground for research on innovative new treatment modalities. By founding a separate clinic, extra input and energy is devoted to the development of knowledge and expertise that result in clear guidelines and care pathways for the outpatient depression and anxiety department and ultimately, the whole organisation.


All employees

Josien Schuurmans
Position: Principle Investigator within GiG, WP leader WP3
Email: j.schuurmans@ggzingeest.nl

Dr. J. Schuurmans, PhD is a senior researcher and practising psychologist at the department of research and innovation within GGZ InGeest. Her PhD focused on the treatment and epidemiological study of late-life anxiety disorders. Over the years, she served both as chair as well as an active member of several (national) task- and workforces for the establishment of new (multidisciplinary)  treatment guidelines in the field of mental health. In recent years her research focus has shifted to the feasibility, implementation and effectiveness of blended care for (moderate to severe) mental health disorders in a secondary care setting. She was one of the co-founders of the Mindway clinic (www.mindway.nl).

Adriaan Hoogendoorn
Position: Senior data-analyst, data-manager and methodological advisor
Email: a.hoogendoorn@ggzingeest.nl

Dr A.W. Hoogendoorn, PhD (M) is senior researcher at GGZ inGeest. He is a statistician and as such involved in several projects at GGZ inGeest. He has expertise in several statistical topics: power and sample size calculations, analysis of random clinical trials, generalized linear models and multi-level and longitudinal data analysis. Over the last ten years he co-authored sixty journal articles in the area of mental health research.   

Claire van Genugten
Position: PhD Student, assistant IMA trial manager
Email: c.genugten@ggzingeest.nl

Claire van Genugten (MSc) is a Ph.D candidate within the department of Research and Innovation within GGZ inGeest. Her thesis focuses on the added benefits and normalisation of iCBT and ecological momentary assessment tools in routine mental health care and research settings for common mental health disorders. In parallel, within the IMA-project, she fulfills the role of assistant trial manager.

Els Dozeman
Position: Local trial manager and Implementation lead
Email: e.dozeman@ggzingeest.nl

Els Dozeman is a clinical nurse specialist in mental health and senior researcher at the research unit for depression at GIG. In 2011 she obtained her PhD on “Prevention of Depression and Anxiety in Residential Homes for the Elderly”. Over the years, she has developed a special interest in e-mental-health (EMH); she co-founded the Mindway clinic, works as a clinician at Mindway, and has been involved in various EMH studies. The studies include iCBT implementation studies (MasterMind & ImpleMentAll), as well as intervention studies (blended treatment for insomnia and IPT). Furthermore, she is a trainer/teacher in the national education programme for clinical nurse specialist in Mental Health.

Isabella van der Velde
Position: Member of the Implementation Core Team

In her role as project-officer at GiG, she forms the bridge between the people and services that are involved with eHealth in the broadest sense of the word: such as the persons involved in implementation activities, service delivery, maintenance of the platform. In parallel, she is studying implementation of eHealth from a management perspective.

Anneke van Schaik
Position: Member of the Implementation Core Team

Anneke van Schaik, MD, PhD, fulfills many roles within GIG and Amsterdam UMC. She is a psychiatrist, associate professor at Amsterdam UMC, content director of the outpatient clinics of GIG and Prezens (primary care unit of GIG), and key person for the research unit Depression and (the implementation of) eHealth.

J.H. Smit
Position: Member of the scientific steering board, Legal Sign
Email: jh.smit@ggzingeest.nl
Prof J.H. Smit, PhD (M) is managing director of research and innovation of GGZ InGeest and the department of Psychiatry of the Vu medical Center. He is also a board member of the GGZ Ingeest hospital. Since 2010, he holds the chair “Methodology of Longitudinal Psychiatric Research”. He is an expert in building research infrastructures collecting complex data among difficult populations. He is program manager for a number of longitudinal studies (for example NESDA www.nesda.nl). He has published over 300 peer reviewed papers, chapters and professional reports and publications. He is one of the initiators of the recently established eHealth@Mind clinic, dedicated to the implementation and normalization of iCBT within GGZinGeest. He is an executive board member of Triple E http://www.triple-ehealth.nl) and has a H index of 63.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 733025.
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